Opening Museums In Great Locations

Importance of Building Location for Successful Museums – Real Estate Advice

A museum needs to be in a great location in order to do well organically. What we mean by organically, is having an amount of customers coming in without any form of direct advertising. Organic means they came in simply because they saw your sign, or someone referred them to your museum. If they see your ad in a Winnipeg Magazine, that would be considered paid advertising, and therefor those customers wouldn’t be organic.

There are many different types of terrains you can have your building located on. For example, you can have desert landscaping depending on the type of museum. You can also have a waterfront property that has sand and ‘beach vibes’ – again, depending on the type of museum. If you had an aquarium, this idea would work perfectly! You must choose the terrain style that most correlates to what you have in your museum. There are many different types of terrains and combinations of props and decorations that can be utilized. Knowing your ideal customer is another thing that should be in mind when choosing your museum location.


Getting the Commercial Real Estate Right

Obviously, this would be a commercial real estate transaction. For commercial properties, it’s a much different ballgame than residential real estate. So if you own a house and you’ve been ‘seasoned’ in residential real estate, throw that out the window. Commercial real estate is it’s own stand-alone industry. If you’ve never dabbled in the field of commercial buildings before, then we strongly advise you seek for professional advice from a commercial realtor.

Our foundation is going to open another museum in the near future. We are looking at areas that have a waterfront for our next museum. The museum will have a mixture of information on mammals and sea creatures/fossils. We’ve been looking at Lake Las Vegas as a perfect place to have our museum. It would be a good location due to the water nearby and scenery of Lake Mead. In doing this, we needed to consult with a local real estate agency in Henderson, NV to know more about having a commercial building in that area. There’s actually a lot of residential real estate in Lake Las Vegas. Because of that, we need to know more about the demographics of people walking and driving through this area.


Good Realtor Means Good Location

To us, this is obvious. To many, it’s not. But if you’re planning on getting anything done that’s worth doing, you need to hire a professional. Needless to say, hiring a realtor will indeed give you more information about prospective locations for your museum. There’s a major difference with successful museum owners and unsuccessful ones. The successful ones think this way; you hire a specialist to get a job done right so I can manage other moving parts of the business and grow at the same time. Unsuccessful owners think that they can do everything themselves; and although they can, they will either do a mediocre job at a few things, or not finish getting them done in a timely manner.

Hiring a good realtor is key to success in finding a good location for a new museum or aquarium. They can pull data from the MLS (multiple listing service) to get you all the demographic information you need. This information is gold when buying commercial real estate. This is why it’s important to not only get a realtor, but to get a good one. The good ones will do exactly what you ask them for, and beyond. They will go the extra mile for you if they know you’re serious about buying a property. The best of the best barely have time to meet. This is how you’ll know you found a good one. But as soon as you show them your plans for opening a museum, they’ll make more time for you than you’ll ever imagine.

Do not overlook this, realtors are very important for these types of deals. When you’re going to make a large transaction, you better consult with professionals. I’m not sure how many times we need to say this, but it is absolutely imperative to your success. So when you start planning out your museum’s location, keep in mind the type of museum you’re opening. Most importantly, contact a good realtor and make this happen the right way.

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